“Loaded time zone names for” during XML parse

Do not use java.util.Date object in XML parse! Because if you once change locale in your phone settings – XML.parse() could take couple minutes.

You will see

I/Resources( 1088): Loaded time zone names for en_uk in 1764ms.

in your DDMS log as well as huge gc() work.

SOAP in Android

Like many other Android developers I came to the same problem – parsing SOAP in Android.
My short instruction how to do this…
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Parsing XML: android.sax package

I’ve just discovered that Android has wrapper for SAX parser that simplifies your code and prevents common mistakes without sacrificing any performance.

import android.sax.*;


You can find very helpful usage example here: http://android.git.kernel.org/?p=platform/frameworks/base.git;a=blob;f=tests/AndroidTests/src/com/android/unit_tests/SafeSaxTest.java;h=d488a29bdf02ace92f6cbc6f8a42b5d7c42308db;hb=refs/heads/cupcake

happy parsing!

Layout secrets: “layer-list” and “include”


You can simple combine several drawables into one using <layer-list> tag.

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