“Android: quick start” slides

Updated presentation “Android: quick start” for Saint-Petersburg GTUG http://vk.amberfog.com/gtug/Android_QuickStart_gtug.pdf

Old presentations are available here http://android.amberfog.com/?p=655


Android tutorial slides

I would like to share some Android-related tutorial slides that we presented with Alexey in 2010 (http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/android/95250/) at St.Petersburg GTUG.

Some tips are still actual. So some of you could find it helpful;)

«Java and Android basics» (78 slides)


1.     Java and Android code style
2.     Java Collections
3.     Dalvik – Java Android VM
4.     Memory management in Java (GC + hard, soft, weak, phantom references)
5.     Java Exceptions handling
6.     Multithreading in Java
7.     Android Architecture
8.     Android entities: Activity, Service, Intent, BroadcastReceiver, ContentProvider
9.     Android Application, Context and Manifest
10.   Android System Services
11.   Android platform fragmentation and Java Reflection
12.   Saving state of application
13.   Android NDK
14.   Optimization for mobile: Design for better performance, responsiveness, seamlessness

«Android UI» (81 slides)



1.     Activity lifecycle
2.     Activity, Layout, View, UI events, XML layouts
3.     XML layout’s types: FrameLayout, RelativeLayout, LinearLayout, TableLayout
4.     Layout tricks: merge, ViewStub, include
5.     Work with ListView and Adapters
6.     Menu & Dialogs
7.     UI thread! (and ANR)
8.     Developing custom UI-elements
9.     UI-development for difference screen resolutions and Android platform versions
10.   UI layout-tree analysis and optimization with special tools (hierarchyviewer, layoutopt)
11.   UI performance improvements
12.   UI guidelines
13.   Styles, Themes, Activity based dialogs
14.   Widgets, Live Folders, Live Wallpapers

«Android in Action» (69 slides).


1.     Dealing with screen orientation change
2.     Possible causes of memory leaks: analysis and tools
3.     Data flow: Parcelable, Bundle, etc.
4.     android.app.Service
5.     Effective XML data parsing protocol
6.     Working with Databases
7.     Input Methods
8.     Search Providers
9.     Debugging hints & tools
10.   Battery life
11.   Usage statistics: Flurry
12.   Application signing and publishing



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