Foursquare like map animation (sliding panel) with ListView

If you are wondering how to achieve map and listview behaviour like in Foursquare – this post is for you.
Here’s a short video what I’m talking about:

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HowTo: ListView, Adapter, getView and different list items’ layouts in one ListView

I was surprised that getViewTypeCount() is so rarely overrided (codesearch). If you are an expert in this – this post is not for you:-)

ListView and Adapter Basics

How it works:

  1. ListView asks adapter “give me a view” (getView) for each item of the list
  2. A new View is returned and displayed

Next question – what if we have one billion items? Create new view for each item? The answer is NO:-) Android caches views for you.

There’s a component in Android called “Recycler”. I drawed a picture based on Romain Guy presentation at Google IO ’09.

  1. If you have 1 billion items – there are only visible items in the memory + view in recycler.
  2. ListView asks for a view type1 first time (getView) x visible items. convertView is null in getView – you create new view of type1 and return it.
  3. ListView asks for a view type1 when one item1 is outside of the window and new item the same type is comming from the bottom. convertView is not null = item1. You should just set new data and return convertView back. No need to create view again.

Let’s write a simple code and put System.out to the getView:

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onLongClick custom selection

If you want to make custom Listview selection you may probably need custom longclick selection (to show long click in action). This may be done with transtion tag in android.
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