I installed new official android 1.6 firmware to my Google Ion device… and our application didn’t work as expected.

I’ve found couple strange changes in the platform:

  1. Stream music player previously sent 2 requests to the server to start playing: HEAD and then GET request. Now it sends only GET request.
  2. Selection with trackball works really strange. When you focus listview from the top component – selection goes to the last listview element. When you focus listview from the bottom component – selection goes to the first or second listview element.
  3. Custom styles that inherit Theme.Dialog.Alert as parent don’t work (GUI elements are not clickable and focusable). As quick solution just replace parent=”android:style/Theme.Dialog.Alert” with parent=”android:style/Theme.Dialog” (in this case you will have ~2 seconds delay in background repainting when you rotate device).