Android Gingerbread 2.3 on Nexus One

We created Gingerbread build for our Nexus One.

    1. Internet SIP Calls works but… sound goes only one way:)
    2. Device startup time is awesome

      Waiting for official build


      build platform apps in Eclipse


      If you wanna hack some native application like Music.apk – it’s really simple.

      1. Download and make android platform under linux
      2. Copy app (like packages\apps\Music) and create android eclipse project from it
      3. Add “out\target\common\obj\JAVA_LIBRARIES\framework_intermediates\classes.jar” library to the java build path (on top of android library)
      4. Rename package (you cannot replace system app) or create platform image without modified application
      5. Compile .apk in eclipse and enjoy


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