I tried to find good Jabber client under Linux. Found Pidgin… but there are only sources available so you should make it yourself:-) That’s not so trivial (under fresh Ubuntu 8.10)… spent some time finding all necessary packages.

Simple instruction:

  1. Download and extract sources from here: http://www.pidgin.im/download/source/
  2. cd pidgin-2.5.5/
  3. sudo aptitude install gettext
  4. sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev
  5. sudo apt-get build-dep pidgin
  6. ./configure ; make
  7. pidgin &

ICQ works also well. Cyrillic is supported.

Setup GTalk:

Protocol: XMPP
Screen name: name without @gmail.com
Server: gmail.com
Connect server (Advanced tab): talk.google.com