It’s quite easy to decompile Android application and take a look into it:)

  1. Download dex2jar tool (thanks to the creator!)
  2. Find apk that you want to decompile (like Twitter_v1.0.5.apk)
  3. Use dex2jar.bat Twitter_v1.0.5.apk – get Twitter_v1.0.5.apk.dex2jar.jar
  4. Download Java Decompiler
  5. Open jar file – enjoy pure java code:)

java decompiler (dex android)

If you want to take a look into AndroidManifest.xml:

  1. Download AXMLPrinter2.jar
  2. Extract AndroidManifest.xml from apk file
  3. Use java -jar AXMLPrinter2.jar AndroidManifest.xml >> twitter_manifest.txt
  4. Enjoy readable AndroidManifest.xml

Hope you will learn a lot from somebody’s code and create a new powerful Android app! 🙂