As you know you can name layout or resource folders with “-long” or “-notlong” postfix.
Documentation says:

  1. long – resources for screens of any size or density that have a significantly taller (in portrait mode) and wider (in landscape mode) aspect ratio than the baseline screen configuration.
  2. notlong – resources for use only on screens that have an aspect ratio that is similar to the baseline screen configuration.

What does it mean in practice?

hvga – notlong
qvga – notlong
wqvga400 – long
wqvga432 – long
wvga800 – long
wvga854 – long

i.e. if you have aspect ration > 1.5 like 1.78 (480×854) long folders will be used by Android.

For example if you scale layout hvga (1.5) to wvga854 (1.78) – you should take into account additional 480*1.5=720; 854-730=134 pixels in the middle.

p.s. Motorola Flipout is notlong also because it is just landscape qvga.