Android Phone EditBox with validation and country flag

I haven’t found any good code snippet for Phone EditBox with nice country flags and validation. So I created my own version.

What I am talking about:

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Foursquare like map animation (sliding panel) with ListView

If you are wondering how to achieve map and listview behaviour like in Foursquare – this post is for you.
Here’s a short video what I’m talking about:

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Android Activity Lifecycle

This is very old topic. Back to 2009 – some day I promised to myself to read android javadoc method by method. I didn’t:) So even now from time to time I find interesting methods in interesting places. Like onUserLeaveHint() and onUserInteraction() in Activity (API v3).

Anyway, here is an interesting picture of complete Activity Lifecycle originally posted on G+. Just found it on reddit today.

complete android fragment activity lifecycle

just in case you missed it


Android UI components and libraries

Nice collections of Android UI components and libraries!


Dashboard is dead:)

Not sure this is most convenient way to navigate on Android. But more and more applications are using “side navigation” pattern for their UI.

Nice article about  this:

have fun!

Update: some interesting articles about implementation


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